Backflow Preventer Testing, Service, & InstallationLet Irrigation Tech take care of all of your backflow testing and repair needs. NYS requires that all backflow preventers be tested annually and that they remain in good working order. We test and repair all makes and models.

All commercial buildings, businesses and irrigation systems require a backflow preventer. A backflow preventer prohibits water from traveling backwards out of a cooling tower, fire sprinklers, medical equipment or irrigation system and entering your drinking water. A backflow preventer is required per NYS code and your city or town building codes will dictate the type of preventer to be used in your situation.

backflowThe state also requires that your backflow preventer be tested annually and they require a copy of the report as evidence. We have five certified testers on staff to ensure that your backflow is working properly so that you may rest assured your drinking water is safe.

If you do not have proper backflow protection or your backflow preventer isn’t working properly, Irrigation Tech can help. We know the laws and have good working relationships with all of the local water suppliers, building departments and the Health Dept. We can have you legal and protected from contamination in no time with little hassle to you.

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