The Baseline WaterTec S100 & Baseline biSensor

The WaterTec S100 works with your existing irrigation timer, incorporating cutting edge soil moisture sensing technology to prevent over watering. A timer or clock has traditionally governed automated irrigation control systems. Day in and day out, rain or shine, these clocks faithfully water our landscapes. If your system was installed by Irrigation Tech, your rain sensor was at least preventing irrigation after a rain event. However, because they water according to time, and not according to level of moisture in the soil, they waste a tremendous amount of water.

The WaterTec S100 comes with one Baseline biSensor and supports most existing timers. The WaterTec S100 has the ability to set, maintain and monitor any desired moisture level. It also includes a Sensor Bypass mode allowing the traditional timed controller to run as if the WaterTec S100 were not present. In this mode the WaterTec S100 will continue to take moisture readings, but will not inhibit the timer from watering.

The WaterTec S100 overcomes the problem of chronic over watering through the use of the soil moisture sensor. The sensor constantly measures soil moisture content and will only allow a water cycle when the moisture drops below the “turn on” threshold that you have set, suspending water cycles until your turf needs it. During the hottest part of the year, soil moisture is depleted more rapidly and the system will water more frequently. Then when the temperature cools, or if you get a big rainstorm, the system will inhibit watering until the moisture level in the ground falls below the “turn on” threshold. Installation of this system will typically result in water savings of 30-45%.

 Soil Moisture Sensor Soil Moisture Sensor