Irrigation Tech In Action

Irrigation Tech is able to address all of your irrigation and sprinkler system needs.

The pictures below are at Hill Cumorah where there was a large leak. We had to rebuild the control valves and piping.

Irrigation Tech In Action - Piping Fix Pipe Leak Rebuilt Pipe and control valves

Preparing to pull a 1 1/2″ Mainline.

Preparing Mainline Preparing Mainline

Gary directs Marcus, while Rich holds control wire which will be dropped into the ground while the pipe is being pulled into the ground.

Control Wire

Marcus guides the pipe as the pull progresses.

Guide Pipe

The pipe pull in progress.                           Finally, the pull is complete!Pipe Pull Pull Complete

The end of the pull is excavated and ready to plumb.

Pipe Pull

Rich cuts the pipe to length.

Cuts Pipe

Marcus primes the pipe before the glue. Control valve being glued into place.

Prime Pipe Control Valve

Plumbing and backfill complete with valve box installed over control valve.

Backfill Complete

Inside the valve box is the freshly installed control valve, wired and ready to work.

Valve Box

A site contractor was expanding the parking on an existing office building property with an existing irrigation system. They hit the 3″ mainline and “repaired” it. They were in the process of paving over the repair when Jeff showed up at the site. He noticed that they had used drainage type fittings for the repair rather than the pressure type fittings required for this application. He turned the water on and the repair immediately blew apart. He had to very quickly do the repair properly as they were about to pave over the work. Disaster averted.

Pipe Repair Fixing Commercial Lawn Pipe Lawn Pipe Repair


This is an electric valve in a system that we installed over 25 years ago. This valve developed a small leak so Irrigation Tech replaced it.