Irrigation Tech has installed hundreds and hundreds of Lawn and Garden Automatic Sprinkler Systems for homes and commercial properties over the last 35 years. Every installation begins with a free estimate so you are completely confident that you are getting what you pay for.

Before you receive your estimate, we carefully examine your:

  • soil type
  • water source
  • property lines
  • site layout
  • microclimate variations
  • slopes
  • and much more

From this information, and knowledge gained from an interview with you, we custom design a automatic sprinkler system specifically for your home and your needs. Your irrigation system installation by Irrigation Tech will proceed as follows:

  • Our friendly, intelligent, articulate, knowledgeable, efficient and hard working installation crew will arrive in clean vehicles with top of the line equipment in top notch condition.
  • Your yard will be staked out for utilities so they are not damaged during work.
  • Sprinkler head locations are laid out in the lawn and shrub beds.
  • An experienced plumber will go into the basement to make the plumbing tie-in and install the backflow preventer. The plumber will be in the basement for about ninety minutes.
  • The pipe is put into the ground with a machine called a vibratory plow. The vibratory plow does not have to dig or trench so there is minimal damage to your lawn.
  • Sprinkler heads are installed
  • Control valves are installed
  • The controller is installed
  • The rain sensor is installed
  • Irrigation Tech rakes and cleans up the job site leaving it beautiful condition
  • You will receive system demonstration so you are comfortable operating your new underground lawn watering system.
  • Most residential systems take 1 1/2 – 2 1/2 days to complete

Watch video of a Automatic Sprinkler System being installed

Irrigation Installation Irrigation Installation
Automatic Sprinkler system installation in Rochester, NY Installing an automatic sprinkler system in Rochester, NY