Lawn IrrigationIrrigation Tech is a full service underground sprinkler system company, handling all of your needs.


  • We can install a new system of any size for you. It can be as small as one zone or as large as an entire golf course. We will handle everything from the design through final clean up and demonstration.
  • We can upgrade your existing system by adding new areas to the system or by changing outdated components. Maybe you want a moisture sensor or a weather station.
  • We can repair and troubleshoot your system. We have 7 service techs whose only job is to take care of our 1800 existing customer’s systems. These 7 techs combined service exceeds 163 years. Meet the Team
  • In the spring we can start your system up and make all of the minor and major adjustments necessary so you know the first day you need your system it will be 100%.
  • Each fall we winterize all of our customers. We use a very large capacity jackhammer compressor and we guarantee that your system won’t freeze.
  • Every sprinkler system is supposed to have a backflow preventer. We can take care of your annual inspection, service it if it isn’t working properly or install one if you don’t have one.