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Tips to Improve Irrigation Efficiency

Three Tips to Improve Lawn Irrigation System Efficiency

Here are three simple tips to make your sprinkler system more efficient.

1. Address Leaks Promptly

The average family can save 180 gallons of water per week or 9,400 gallons per year by promptly addressing leaky faucets, toilets, and sprinkler systems. If your grass or concrete is frequently or unusually wet, you may have a leaky sprinkler head, valve, or supply line. You may also notice erosion near the sprinkler heads or unexplainable fungus growth. You can also monitor your water bill for unusual spikes in cost and usage, which could indicate a leak in your system. If you observe conditions that could indicate a leaky sprinkler system – or if your water bill is exceptionally high for the season – call for service immediately.

2. Water When the Sun and Wind Are Low

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Up to half of the water you use outdoors could be wasted due to wind, evaporation, and runoff. To reduce waste, avoid operating your lawn irrigation system during the afternoon. Instead, sprinkle your lawn in the morning, when the sun and wind speeds are low, and the temperatures are cooler. You can also minimize water waste by installing a drip irrigation system for planting beds rather than relying on a spray or sprinkler head to do the job. Drip systems deliver moisture directly to the plants’ roots and are less susceptible to interference from the wind.




3. Install a WiFi Controller Linked to a Local Weather Station

About 30% of a household’s water consumption results from outdoor water use. You can reduce your outdoor water use by installing a state-of-the-art WiFi controller linked to a local weather service. A WiFi linked controller will keep your system from running if the forecast for rain is likely, and it will keep your system from turning on too soon after a rainfall – based on the amount of rainfall.

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